The writing assistant for great teams,
with the ability to learn your brand voice.

Brand voice

Sounds like you!

Your brand is distinctive. AI Sidekick combines your unique writing style and tone of voice with your preferred word choice to create a unique tool to always write in your brand voice.

Stay brand compliant

Brand-compliant AI-powered content everywhere you create copy.

Consistency across your team

Make sure all your content is consistent with your brand's tone, style, and words.

Scale your content creationg

Create content 10x faster without losing what makes your brand unique.

Team collaboration

Enable everyone on your team to use AI

Imagine how productive your team could be if everyone had an AI assistant? Our integration with the editorial system makes it available to everyone and a breeze to use. Plus, you'll have all the security and management features you'd expect from a professional platform.

Knowledge base

Tell AI about you

The Sidekick can learn information about your products, company data, and more about brand identity. It uses this information to generate even better texts.