Content Outline based on Google Keyword Research

What if you had someone who researches your competitors and gives you a detailed outline before you start writing an article?

AI Sidekick does the boring SEO work for you. AI Sidekick analyzes your most successful competition and crafts a comprehensive outline that can outrank the current top results on Google, bringing SEO to the next level.

Additional features of the Version from June 27th

  • We listened to you! Based on feedback from all our users, we've revved up the interface to make it more user-friendly. We've bundled up the language and salutation into one selection, and Sidekick now remembers your last writing style, and we've moved all superpowers to an action bar at the bottom. Given the current site content, most of these don't even require your input anymore.
  • Mind-blowing Blog post Ideas: Expand your creativity by getting out-of-the-box blog post ideas that truly impress.
  • FAQ Generator: Automatically generate questions your target audience likely has, and provide answers based on the content of the current page. This can boost your SEO.
  • More detailed Briefings: Your AI Sidekick briefing can now contain double the amount of text.
  • Target Audience: Pinpoint your audience and receive improved text generation.
  • Multisite: Use AI Sidekick across multiple projects with different API keys.
  • Scroll Improvements: During text generation, you're free to scroll and copy text.
  • Languages: We've added support for British English and American English.